Who We Are

Serenity Lodges offers a bridge between treatment and independence for men in recovery. Located in beautiful NEPA, the facility is a halfway house for men in recovery.

We understand the challenges of sober living and we want to give our residents the greatest opportunity for success. Our sober living recovery center is located in a scenic setting that will inspire and help you to find the peace within.
Our doors are open to all men who are striving to find that sober life and many of our residents come from PA, NY, NJ, CT, MD, and VA.

Coaching and family is key to enabling our residents to live sober.

We are tremendously grateful to the families who offer their support to these men in transition. However, we understand that many family dynamics are indeed different, and that’s where our dedicated staff steps in. All of our staff are living clean and sober lives and are successful alumni of Serenity Lodge. Understanding your struggles, they offer coaching and group activities to keep you engaged and fully supported throughout your journey.

About Dino Campitelli

Dino Campitelli, AAC, executive director of Serenity Lodge for the last 15 years, is skilled in working with men in recovery. Using his years in addiction and his years in continuous sobriety, Dino sees beyond the behaviors that keeps residents stuck and helps them to both see themselves clearly and understand the importance of changing their behavior based on intellect, allowing their feelings to follow, in order to discover the benefits of a sober life. Dino understands through his own experience that recovery is a process. He is passionate about helping each resident in his individual process to achieve the sober life that he deserves.

Dino models working the 12 steps and is very involved in the local recovery community. He serves as guest lecturer at Clearbrook Treatment Centers and is very proud to be program facilitator for the Families Helping Families program.

This is not simply a career for Dino Campitelli. His life is proof positive that each individual has the opportunity to transition from pain to purpose. Pacing with and leading the residents of Serenity Lodge is just that for Dino….his purpose.